How it Works?

Remember playing the game of concentration when you were a child? You’d put all the cards face down, and then have to remember what they were. It was a game of now you see it, now you don’t.” Well, that is similar to how you’ll learn Quick Piano. Pictures of notes will appear and disappear, and that will trigger your brain to recall what they were and where they were.

This course of hundreds of pictures is totally portable. That means you can learn all the basics by tapping right on the pages of the book! Children can even learn outside under a tree or in the back seat of a car, while mom runs errands. Mom can learn while sitting/waiting in the dentist’s office. When you/and or the children get home, you can try out what you’ve learned from the book on your real paino. All of the hard stuff will already be in your fingers! And there really is no hard stuff, because the brain learns such tiny pieces of the skill at a time, that you trick it into thinking it is all easy.

There is no piano course like it in the marketplace today. You can’t buy this course in a music store. I used to teach about 30 young children beginning piano, but when we finished publishing this book I quit teaching…no need…cause the book does it all just fine without a teacher. You only need one Quick Piano for the whole family. All your friends and neighbors will want to borrow it once they hear YOU play.

What this Book Contains?

Your Quick Piano course comes to you as 114 pages, 8 ½ x 11”, spiral bound. Read the table of contents / progress chart. The course includes an introductory overview and progress chart followed by progressive, easy incremental steps 1-16. Pages 90-110 are sheet music of dozens of songs with the melody notes and the corresponding chords for the songs you’ll be able to play. Scores of people have found our “picture” course enjoyable after trying the tedious left-brain approach of other beginning piano programs.

See a sample of one of these songs, All through the Night (Old Welsh Air, written by Sir Harold Boulton, 1884) sheet music using the Quick Piano approach, as a free downloadable online file.

Get a 20% discount: save $16 by buying both the piano and the typing courses!