Learn to Play Piano with Us!

With the Quick Piano fast chord method, you can learn enough in one day to play chords up and down the keyboard. Teach yourself and your children how to play the piano at home. Now you can skip hiring an expensive piano tutor, and you won’t have to spend all that gas money driving away from home for lessons.

Here’s how the Quick Piano course works, and what it contains…

We have sold this piano lessons book at educational conventions nationally since 1992. Now you can buy it directly.

Quick Piano is the world’s best method for learning how to play the piano — because it is the only course taught by pictures. Each of four piano-playing skills is mastered separately, using rapidly flashing pictures, powerful memory hooks, and nifty musical tricks until it becomes automatic. Because the total task is splintered into these easy smaller skills, the brain is never overwhelmed. You’ll learn to:

  • identify where all the notes live on the keyboard,
  • play 24 major and minor chords,
  • actually read music (both clefs — treble and bass),
  • and conquer basic rhythms.

When the skills are finally put together, Presto!, you can play.
You’ll sound like Beethoven to yourself, after your first lesson, using your first chord!

This piano course is unique in three ways:

(1) Spaced repetition — five-minute lessons, several times a day. Away with hour-long drudgery!

(2) Right brain — uses the picture side of the brain, not just the left side or just the tactile, like other methods. Children learn to read music immediately with Quick Piano.

(3) Splintered skills — you learn each skill separately, then when you put them together all the brain has to do is jump the synapses between the already acquired skills.

Plus, a huge bonus, free, at no extra charge. This course includes 28 songs. This sheet music gives you the melody notes and the corresponding chords for the songs you will be able to play. That in itself more than pays for the cost of the whole book.

Includes an audio CD to walk you through the course. You can play along with all of the songs in the book.

You’ll have all this, for the price of one piano lesson!