Best Piano Brands

Best Piano Brands and Manufacturers Across USA

When it comes to choosing any brand, every person does complete analysis of all the available brands and then only take a decision to buy the one. Similar is the case with choosing pianos. There are many piano brands available in the market, that it takes a person a lot of time to decide which one to pick. And there is no such criteria to decide the reliability of any piano brand. Now the question arises, “How to choose a perfect piano for ourselves?” Well, there can be many answers to this question as this is a subjective one.

It depends on person’s individual choice and requirements when it comes to choosing a piano brand. Many piano manufacturers use different criteria while making a piano and there is a wide range of pianos made by these companies. However, over the years many pianists have suggested a few brands which you can choose to play your favorite songs. These piano brands are perfect according to some pianists.

But you cannot just pick any out of them. You have to take into consideration all your needs to decide which one to select. A lot of companies are making pianos in today’s time. But it is very difficult to mention each and every piano brand here. So, we have mentioned a list of top 10 brands of pianos that have established a trust in the minds of piano users.

Steinway and Sons

Steinway and Sons Piano

Steinway and Sons is one of the expensive piano brands in the world. This brand is highly reputed because of its rigorous efforts to produce extremely high-quality and best pianos. Steinway and Sons has 127 patents, which is highest for any piano manufacturer. Every piano of this brand takes over one year before getting ready to use.


The pianist, Paulo Fazioli dreamt of producing a fine quality piano and established a company with his name, Fazioli. It took only a limited time for his company to become popular and now it is one of the leading piano manufacturers in the world. The reason for the success of Fazioli pianos is its extremely amazing sound effect and superb quality of material used in it. There are only 120 pianos produced by this company in a year just to put their best efforts in making the topmost piano they can.

Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin brand struggled a lot before it gained popularity in the market. These pianos have a great sounding effect and are very expensive as compared to the other brands. Mason & Hamlin piano makers focus on quality and produce only limited pianos in a year. Due to its high quality and consistent sounding effect, it took very less time for Mason & Hamlin to become popular among the pianists.


Bosendorfer is one of the oldest piano makers in the world and it had once won the title “Official Piano Maker” from the Emperor of Austria. Earlier, this brand used to make pianos with only 88 keys but later they added some more keys and took the total to 97 keys. Only a limited number of fine quality pianos are produced by this company. And the most special thing about their production is that all their pianos are handmade and every minute detail is taken care of while producing a new piece.

Shigeru Kawai

Kawai gained popularity in no time because of its high-quality pianos. In today’s time, it is one of the best piano brands in the world and people admire it for its excellent quality. What makes this brand popular in the world is the use of extremely high quality of material in its making. The wood used in making it is rarely found in the world and it provides uniqueness to this brand. Also, the makers produce only a limited number of pieces in a year and focus on the quality of work instead of quantity.

Stuart and Sons

Stuart and Sons is another piano brand which has become really popular in a very short time. The reason for its growing demand is the quality work by the manufacturers. And because of company’s policy to supply quality material to the buyers, Stuart and Sons pianos are a little expensive in price. However, pianos of this company produce an excellent sounding effect and these pianos justify their high cost. Stuart and Sons is one of the amazing grand piano brands in the world. There are two models namely, concert grand piano and studio grand piano available under this brand.


Yamaha is one of the most popular brands of pianos available in the market. It is famous for making digital keyboards and pianos. Although this brand manufactures piano at economical prices, its pianos do not have a long life. Also, the quality of Yamaha pianos is not better than other brands. Obviously, due to certain limitations, it is not famous among the professional piano players. But for those who play piano in their free time, this affordable piano brand is suitable to use. 


Bechstein brand is known for producing versatile pianos in the world. It has made its name for introducing new technological advancements as well as latest designs in its piano making. Because of its designs and physical features, it takes this brand less effort to attract buyers to its stores. Many piano composers have rated it amongst the pianos with extremely high quality sounding effects.


If there is one brand which has impressed the world with the technological innovations in its pianos, it is Baldwin. Its soundboards, strings, and bridges are made by making meticulous efforts by its makers. Many piano players and celebrities have praised the makers for introducing an exceptional piano brand to the world.


Bluthner family started making pianos a long time ago and this practice is still in continuation by its descendants. Their pianos are known for exceptional designs and this is what made them different from others. Also, they are extremely pleasant in their look that they can attract anyone to their stores. Its sound effect is simply amazing and the material used in making it is of high quality.

So these are the best piano brands in the world according to us. The above-listed brands of piano are sorted in a random manner. As we discussed above, there is nothing like one has to choose the topmost brand only. Every person has its own requirements and budget so one should take into consideration all his needs before buying one from any of the piano manufacturers. Go to your nearby market and buy a piano according to your need.