“We are completely impressed with the Quick Piano program. Because my husband has some musical background he sat down and read through the whole course. Then he said, “I’ve been looking for this course all my life. When our son is through with this he’ll be able to play ANYTHING with chords. This is the way piano should be taught in the 21st century.” He wants to share Quick Piano with all our friends.” (Blanche in Vail)

“WHAT a blessing! My 11 year old has been BEGGING for me to teach her how to play the piano. But I was clueless as to how to begin. Other programs taught her the chords, but YOUR program is teaching her how to actually read the MUSIC. Thank you so much! She is truly enjoying it!” (Angie in Waco, Texas)

“Those memory hooks are really something! I would recommend the program to anyone. It’s so easy to teach and the rapid progress really helps to keep him interested. We only have a medium sized electronic keyboard at home, but when we go to visit Grandma it’s really exciting to practice what we’ve learned on her grand piano. She was very impressed by all the chords he knew after such a short time and impressing Grandma is a big deal. Thanks for such a practical program that has really brought us pleasure!” (Mrs. Reinholtz in Colorado)

“Renee, I bought your piano book at the recent CHAP convention. When you were showing the book to me, I was only half convinced that your method would work. Well, I tried it with my 5 yr old and we learned in one day what 4 other “easy-chord” piano books couldn’t teach us. She jumped right in and memorized 12 chords in one afternoon. Thanks a million and keep up the good work!” (Mrs. Tan in Pittsburgh)

“I never thought she could learn so much, so fast.” (Missy, mother of Megan, age 6)

“Our daughter’s self-esteem was plummeting when she began piano lessons the standard way. She would often say `I just can’t do this!’ and felt like a failure. When she tried Quick Piano and was able to begin with a big sound instead of dull ditties, she took off.” (Susan, mother of Hannah, age 9)

“In six months’ time, my kids are playing piano, reading music, and LOVING IT MORE THAN SOCCER!” (Thea, mother of Hannah, age 6 and Adam, age 8)

“Our son has progressed much farther with this system than he did with the beginning traditional method. Using the Quick Piano approach, he understands the music better, and is even learning how to change music to enhance it. We are really thrilled with the results.” (Carla, mother of Aaron, age 9, first place winner two years in a row in his city’s Talent Show–Instrumental Division)

“We purchased the Zoom-Type and Quick Piano at the convention in New Mexico. My 7 year old boy has now gone way beyond me, and he practices often! So, your program really works…thanks so much!” (Donna in New Mexico)

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